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Some boxers are like a fine wine ...

Who's the oldest boxer to win a world title for the first time? asked George Johnson

The oldest boxer ever to hold a version of a world title is Bernard Hopkins, who narrowly failed in his recent bid to become the first 50-year-old champion. When he lost his IBF and WBA light-heavyweight titles to Sergey Kovalev last November, Hopkins was 49 (he turned 50 on January 15 this year).

As for the oldest first-time winner of a world title, my first thought that it might be Dado Marino, who was famously a grandfather when he took the world flyweight title off Britain's Terry Allen in his native Hawaii in August 1950. But actually Marino was "only" 34 at the time!

I think the oldest first-timer is actually Thulani "Sugar Boy" Malinga, the pint-sized South African, who was 40 when he relieved Nigel Benn of the WBC super-middleweight title in March 1996.

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